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Sarah N.
Washington, DC
I saw this place while getting my morning Dunkin on my way to my job. Always love a good nail place close to my work. I couldn't remember the name of it so I was not able to research! Boy I am glad I couldn't' remember! I got the $45 pedicure it was amazing! Cam did my pedicure now I am in the process of fixing some toe fungus and I have nasty callus on my heels! she did some gel thing to my heels this is the first time in years that I have not had any callus on my heels!! She had great pressure on the massage and wasn't' very talkative which(sounds kina snobbie) but it was great- Long week and really enjoyed myself!
Amanda W.
Woodbridge, VA
This salon is a surprise, given the location. It is clean, well decorated and comfortable. They have the feel of a more expensive location, even offering you drinks and snacks, while their prices are more than reasonable. They do good work and listen to my requests. I actually feel like this is a treat rather than just required grooming.